Featured Fine Artist: Bridget Gallagher Robson

Bridget Gallagher Robson

Sharon Morey

A warm welcome to SaddleBrooke Ranch Fine Artists! Bridget and Bill Robson will be snowbirds for now, alternating their time between this community and Colorado, from which they hail.

Bridget is retired from a 30-year career in dental hygiene. About 10 years ago, familiar dental hygiene tools led Bridget to sculpting. During recovery from several surgeries, she discovered working with watercolors, oils, and pastels. Each overlapping medium gave her new knowledge about the others. She uses and loves all mediums. Her husband Bill creates the fine, rustic frames for her work and Bridget has received many awards.

A deep love and respect for art sends Bridget to learning more through workshops, colleagues, and books. As with all our Fine Artists, she hopes to continue growing her self-knowledge and expanding her art skills here at SaddleBrooke Ranch.

November through December 2021, Bridget Gallagher Robson is our featured artist. Please drop by the display windows and enjoy her work. Bridget may be contacted at [email protected].