First Horseback Ride of the Season Comes Off Without a Hitch

Left to right: Rebecca Williams, Tess Densmore, Rob Densmore, Cathy Steel, Bonnie Roach, Mike Roach, and Rocky Hart

Left to right: Mike Roach, Rob Densmore, Tess Densmore, and wrangler Randy helping Cathy Steel

The Horseback Riding Group was treated to a really fun ride down the Tanque Verde Wash with the stable of Rockin’ Star Ranch. The group of seven met at the trailhead by the wash to mount up. Then they headed down the broad, sandy wash, which was being crisscrossed in spots by shallow meandering streams running along. The foliage was a lush, brilliant green and there were many butterflies hovering everywhere.

At a few wide sandy spots in the wash, the two in the group who wanted to gallop, Rocky Hart and Rob Densmore, held their horses back while the others continued to ride ahead with the guide. A few hundred yards up the trail the group then turned and watched the others gallop their horses. It was like watching a scene from Bonanza.

There were a few glitches with the email “alerts” system for this ride, and so automatic emails are no longer going out to the group. The secretary will now do this manually when a new ride is announced. Emails will be sent to most who have ridden with the group in the last year.

It was also hard for the stable to find a good trail with all the rain from the monsoon. Some of the trails they usually use are in need of repair. The guide said they now have permission to take rides into Catalina State Park, but unfortunately the trails there were not yet ready to take the group. The thought is that by spring, repairs will have been done and then the group will be able to ride a bit closer to home.

The group’s next ride will be Saturday, Nov. 6, at Westward Look Stables, which is just east of Oracle Road on Ina. This stable used to require helmets, but now they allow you to sign if you prefer not to wear one—it’s your option. The ride is $43 for the hour, plus tip. We have time reserved at 9:30 and 11 a.m. that morning.

If you would like to participate, you can go to the SaddleBrooke Ranch HOA website, click on “Things to do,” “Clubs,” click on “Horseback Riding,” and then on the link you will see there. Details on this ride will be posted there under “News.” To sign up, select “Contact Us” in the lower left and enter the information requested, including your time preference. This will then alert the secretary, who will then get in touch with you to finalize your reservation. Note that some time slots may have already been filled.