Fitness Instructor of the Month

Kelly Hastings

Debbie McGrady

Meet Kelly Hastings! If you are looking for some fun and variety, check out Kelly’s many classes. From heart-pumping spinning class to stress-free stretch class, you surely will find a class that fits your needs.

Kelly, who moved here from California, is a SaddleBrooke Ranch resident. She is an experienced fitness instructor who has been involved in the fitness world for more than 10 years. She is even certified as a personal trainer. Her classes are geared for all fitness levels, and she is well versed in modifying her classes for beginners. Check out her class schedules on the HOA website or pick up a class schedule at the Fitness desk. You will definitely find a class that fits your fitness level as well as your interest. So grab a friend and come and join Kelly in one of her classes. Get fit and have fun at the same time!