Freethinkers Janaury Meeting: Income Inequality — How to Restore the Amercian Promise

Dr. John E. Schwarz will be the speaker at the January meeting of the SaddleBrooke Freethinkers.

Dr. John E. Schwarz will be the speaker at the January meeting of the SaddleBrooke Freethinkers.

Fran Berman

Join us in the MountainView Ballroom on Sunday, January 24, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. when our guest speaker, Dr. John E. Schwarz, will present different perspectives on income inequality in the U.S. today and what can be done about it.

Everybody from both political parties is talking about the struggling middle class in America and especially how for more than 40 years now wages for the average American haven’t risen by much after discounting inflation. If that continues, it jeopardizes the ideas of the American Dream and of America as a land of true opportunity. The conservatives say reduce taxes and regulation to get more money to businesses and the wealthy so they can invest more, produce more, create more jobs and pay higher wages. The liberals/progressives say increase government spending and with various assistance programs help Americans who have been left out.

A major problem with American politics is not simply that the two parties cannot seem to agree but that even if they were to agree neither party’s answer can possibly succeed in resolving the problem of stagnant wages. Neither party’s answer will restore the American Dream for most Americans and their families. In elections Americans are being asked to choose between two non-answers. This talk will demonstrate why neither the conservative nor the liberal answer will work. The talk will then identify the only path capable of solving the problem, what the solution involves and how that solution, by bridging the fundamental divide between conservatives and liberals, will unite the nation once more.

John E. Schwarz, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Government and Public Policy at the University of Arizona where he taught from 1970-2004, specializing in economic and social policy. While at U. of A. he was Faculty Chair, Senior Faculty Associate to the university president and winner of the Danforth Teaching Award.

He has published six books, primarily focused on employment, pay and social assistance in the U.S. as related to economic opportunity and the American ideal of freedom as understood by the Founders. Many of his articles have been published in some of the leading political science journals and news outlets. He has received several distinctions and awards and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1998.

Attendance is free and open to all, regardless of political persuasion, religious belief or gender preference. To defray costs a contribution of $2 per person is requested. Non-perishable food or cash donations for the Tri-County Community Food Bank are always welcome.

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