From California? BINGO

The California Club played bingo in October. undefined

The California Club played bingo in October.

Mark Wong

On October 2, the California Club had its first BINGO night at the La Hacienda Club. Over 33 members of SaddleBrooke Ranch California Club came and enjoyed an evening of laughter and revelry.

The Bingo night was coordinated by Nini Falconer, Linda Harvey, Linda Gorman, Ken Gorman and Stephen Groth. Throughout the evening the audience participation was exceptional and often hilarious as groans, cheers and funny comments were made as each number was read out loud.

Everyone bought their own food and drinks, and each person was provided two bingo cards, which they were allowed to turn in for two other ones if they so chose.

Prizes were given out to the bingo winners, many of which were donated by various members of the CA Club or the Robson community.

Nini Falconer, the founder of the club, proposed the club have quarterly meetings and that the next meeting in January or February have a “Las Vegas Casino Night” theme. Both proposals were unanimously approved and volunteers were already lining up to help with the next event.

If you and/or your spouse ever lived in California, you are eligible to join the club. For more information contact Nini Falconer at [email protected].