FSL membership – everyone wins

There are over 4,900 households in SaddleBrooke, yet only about 730 are members of Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries (FSL). These members are well aware and take advantage of the benefits of membership. The great work FSL does on behalf of the libraries and the community depends on membership dollars. Anyone can utilize all that the libraries offer as well as participate in FSL programs. However, with the growing usage of all three libraries it is imperative that FSL membership grows to ensure continuation of the outstanding services provided.

FSL membership benefits for libraries and members grow with the amount of contribution. The following provides a snapshot of those benefits.

“Best Seller” (Contribution level $20-$49) This level pays for one to three new books or magazines for the libraries. Those contributing at this level receive free admission to all FSL lectures, advance email notification of upcoming FSL trips and events, and periodic discounts on programs or merchandise.

“NY Times Review” (Contribution level $50-$99) This level pays for two to four new audio books or videos. In addition to the member benefits listed above it also includes an entry in a drawing for a free ILR class.

“Man Booker Prize” (Contribution level $100-$249) This level pays for five to six new books plus two audio books. It also helps underwrite the cost of one FSL lectures. Member benefits include everything listed above plus member’s name listed as a donor on the fall Author’s Luncheon program.

“National Book Award” (Contribution level $250-$499) This level buys five to 10 new books, five videos and four audio books and helps underwrite two lectures. Member benefits include all those listed plus an entry into a drawing for two tickets to a DesertView performance of your choice.

“Pulitzer Prize” (Contribution level $500 and over) This level of contribution will buy 15 or more new books plus sponsorship of the FSL lecture series. Member benefits include everything listed above plus seating at the author’s table at the spring or fall Author Luncheon.

In addition to all the great benefits that automatically accrue to membership, there is on occasion opportunity for something really special. Last January two staffers from the Arizona State Museum presented at the FSL Kickoff Lecture. The museum donated two “behind the scenes” tours of the Museum to 20 participants. There was so much interest in the event that FSL held a drawing that was limited to FSL members. The tour was a fantastic event according to one of the lucky winners. In the words of one of the participants, Miriam Bott, “My husband and I took the tour in March. The Arizona State Museum is a treasure trove as America’s largest, non-federal repository of artifacts. We visited the pottery vault, watched curators in the Conservation Lab cleaning baskets woven over the centuries by Native Americans, and met extraordinary professionals doing their animal skeleton research in places like the zoo morphology lab.”

If you are an FSL member, please consider increasing your member contribution if possible. If you are not yet a member, please join. So many SaddleBrooke residents are active users of the libraries but have not yet joined FSL. Think about how the libraries enhance our lives with outstanding services and programs. Your membership will provide continued and needed support for the libraries as well as provide great benefits for you. It’s a win-win for all!