Fun, Fun, Fun! Tapestry Mosaic Magnets Class

Lori Eby and Sheri Stark

Erin Newman

You know what’s fun? Taking an art class that may be out of your wheelhouse, and then at the end of class, saying out loud, “This was an incredibly fun class!”

That’s exactly how the students of Gillian Allard’s Tapestry Mosaic Magnets class felt after they spent the better part of two hours learning all about Apoxie Sculpt and how to work with it, designing their art, and then working on bead placement. All was done under Gillian’s incredible teaching skills in a fun environment with other members of the SBR Art Club.

Students created three fun, colorful, bejeweled magnets of varying degrees of bead and bauble placement. The end results were phenomenal! The students at the end of class all asked for future classes by Gillian. Check out the Mosaic Stepping Stone and Tapestry Mosaic Panel classes being offered by the Art Club in March!

Ann Hulett and Peggy Moro