God at Work in CCSB

Carol Thompson

Community Church at SaddleBrooke (CCSB) was blessed with three great speakers at a recent Sunday service.

We were pleased to meet a fellow SaddleBrooke resident, Brad Huff, as he shared his video testimony of his struggles with addiction. After reaching the end of the line and with placing several new people in his life, Brad realized God still had a plan for him and gives all the glory to Jesus Christ for his transformation.

One again, we welcomed Christobel Russelliah from the Gilgal Gospel Mission in India. Her ministry has been supported by CCSB for at least six years as she and her disciples bring the word to many places throughout India ‘Preaching Christ and Planting Churches’.

Also, addressing our congregation was Chris Terzan. He spoke of how the Gospel message of Christ changed his angry drug-filled life in prison to his new ministry for the State of Arizona prison systems as their Chaplin.

CCSB is a Christ-centered Church with the mission to glorify God by becoming a community of grace where people receive, live, and share the love of Jesus Christ. Join us every Sunday morning at DesertView Theatre 8:30 a.m. All are welcome.