Gorgeous Painted Silk Scarves Art Class—Wednesday, July 19

Examples of silk scarves to be created (picture by instructor, Mary Gavan)

Dale Farland

A new artist is coming to SaddleBrooke Ranch to teach another new art medium. In keeping with the mission of trying to provide the residents of SaddleBrooke Ranch with new and different art mediums, in addition to “traditional” art mediums, Mary Gavan will be the instructor for painted silk scarves on Wednesday, July 19, from 1 to 5 p.m.

Think about the fun you will have with this class as you learn a new artistic skill. Maybe this will become your go-to gift to give for birthdays?

Mary is a Tucson artist known for her fiber arts and painted scarves. She has received accolades from “Shoutout Arizona.” She started in the 1970s as a weaver creating handwoven fiber wall art for galleries and art shows. Unique colors became a necessary component of her art, which led her to learn the art of dyeing. Years of dyeing yarn and working with color lead her to use similar skills to dye fabrics. Mary has been teaching yarn dying and painted scarves for several years.

Class description: How delightful it will be to create your own personally designed silk scarves! Each student will use liquid paint that acts like a dye and sets with an iron. The student will learn to apply dye to silk using techniques that include hand painting with a brush, drip painting, and dyeing in a bag. It is easy! You will be amazed at the results. The student will create two painted silk scarves. You have seen these types of scarves at galleries and art shows. Now, you can have two original silk scarves.

Date for class: Wednesday, July 19

Time: 1 to 5 p.m.

Class fee: $75

Class size: Minimum: 4, Maximum: 24

Payment deadline date: Wednesday, July 12

Materials the instructor will provide: Two Habotai silk scarves (8” x 54”), disposable apron and gloves, dyes, all materials, and instructions.

Materials participants to bring: It is recommended that students wear appropriate clothing even though disposable aprons will be provided. There is always a chance that dye may stain clothing worn by the student. If you have an iron, please bring it. The dye is set by the heat of an iron. Not every student needs to bring an iron. We will be sharing. Just a few irons would be helpful.

Registration: Go to GroupWorks. Click on Events. Click on “I’m Going.” Confirmation is depositing your check in the lockbox outside the Art Room door. Please deposit your check quickly as classes fill up. Please do not click “I’m Going” unless you intend to take the class.

Reminder: Starting in 2023, participants in all art classes must be members of the SBR Art Club. If you want to join the SBR Art Club, contact Dale Farland at [email protected] for membership forms. Membership for SBR Art Club is only $25.