Hacienda line dance lessons start in April

Dr. Mark Magdanz

Fun exercise fact for your brain: It turns out that dancing in all forms is among the very best activities; line dancing as well as partners! Dancing provides some aerobic activity, learning, balance, coordination, social interaction and fun. Lots of laughter is also proven to be great for the immune system. Since music is also a component of dance, it is now utilized as a therapeutic treatment modality for mental disease. And among the biggest functional activities to prevent brain decline is to interact positively with others often.

Who wants to dance this spring/summer? Ranch dancers began their spring series April 24 lasting nine-weeks. A motivated dancer could start late and catch up. So, you can call quickly, the first week or two starts out more gradually. It’s also time to consider the 2019 summer months. Rebecca accepts reservations for class series far into the future, so with this session started, the next will be in July; you can reserve space now no matter your current resident status. Keep in mind that class attendance requires a reservation; drop-ins not allowed after week one; class size is limited to sustain a quality learning environment. Advance contact with Rebecca is required.

Some of your neighbors have now been dancing with Rebecca since October of 2012. There are two groups dancing, one for brand new starters and a second for those more experienced with line dance skills. Start in the easiest session and when your knowledge, foot speed and fitness allow, move on up to another level. If you think you are beyond beginner status please speak of this with Rebecca to assess your skills.

Whether you are a novice or more experienced, Rebecca’s lessons are geared to giving you the opportunity to dance, improve brain function, and get some exercise and make some new friends. Many dancers are without partners, but couples dance, too. Both class levels include fundamentals to prepare you for enjoying years of line dance fun. You will experience line dance with different music styles and rhythms, but we often feature country and western. Completing a couple basic series of lessons makes you comfortable moving to more challenging dances. Only move when you choose. The dances for both Levels 1 and 2 skill sets change each series so there’s always something fresh. Classes occur Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning for Level 1. Level 2 follows after on both days. You are welcome and always encouraged to attend practices held weekly in SaddleBrooke for Level 2 dancers on Thursday. Classes are 90 minutes in length and cost about $5 per hour.

The best way to place your name on one of the reservation lists for spring is contacting Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected]. If you need to call leave a message at 520-818-2656. Rebecca is a professional Line Dance instructor with over 11 years of SaddleBrooke/SB Ranch teaching.