Happy Tail: Kitty with Nine Lives

Princess Leia

Romayne Trudo

In the dead of winter last year, Jeff, a SaddleBrooke resident, found a pure white kitten in the snow on the side of the road in Durango, Colo. He rescued the little girl and named her Princess Leia. For the next year she was his best buddy. Unfortunately he realized that he was severely allergic to her and it was becoming evident that he would not be able to keep Princess. He was committed to finding her a good home, because taking her to a shelter was not an option. He contacted SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network for assistance with rehoming her. With the help of several members of the SaddleBrooke community, especially Diana Steinke, we were able to find her a new home. She now lives with two large, lovable, goofy dogs and another kitty the same age as Leia. She has settled in nicely and appears to like having all these other critters as playmates. Thank you so much to Jennifer and Mike for giving this precious Princess another chance at a purrfect life.