Have You Heard About the SBR Clothe Me Group?

Cheryl Stroben

We are a group of ladies who wanted to sew clothes for ourselves and our families. Some of us had not sewn since high school and some were highly trained in the art of sewing. The SBR Clothe Me Group has been very busy this year. You might ask, “What have they been busy doing?” Well, the simple answer is sewing clothing. The better answer is helping one another to learn how to fit patterns, to learn sewing techniques, and to do final fittings.

We have made some beautiful items this year. The great thing about Clothe Me is that the ones who are strong seamstresses help all of us. Each of us has grown in our sewing confidence, and we have made clothing items we are proud to wear.

So, if you want to sew but are a little intimidated, don’t be. Come by the tech center any Monday afternoon at 1 p.m. to see what new project we are working on or contact Membership Chair Jeanelaine Parfet, at [email protected]. We are a fun group, and we all take turns coming up with projects to do.