Heart to heart

Simply heartwarming…that was the feeling as the Ranch Piecemakers were finishing up their latest project.

Community outreach is a significant part of the Piecemakers’ activities and we recently combined efforts to make quilts for cancer and dialysis patients.

Each club member made individual “blocks” using a pieced heart pattern. Everyone’s personality came shining through; the array of chosen colors, hues and fabric designs was breathtaking. Then came the fun part: bringing these individual pieces together into a thing of beauty.

Over the past several weeks, the Piecemakers broke into teams to design and to create. The end result was quilts made with talent, fellowship and love. We had a naming ceremony and the quilts became “Blue By You”,

“Hearts of Ireland,” “Beach Glass” and “Red Hots.”

As people are undergoing chemo or dialysis treatment, we hope they will not only be wrapped in these quilts for warmth and comfort, but also be wrapped in our support and love. That is what being a Piecemaker is all about.