Help care for your neighbors – join the “I Wish” Club

Tove Pape

When your life is going well, it is easy to be oblivious to what is going on around you in your own neighborhood. After breaking my wrist in December, I gained a new perspective on what it means to be on the injured list. Thank goodness we live in such a wonderful community with so many kind and helpful people!

This made me wonder if it would be possible to get the word out when we need help in a way that doesn’t put anyone on the spot. I shared my idea with Ken Gorman who creates and supports our club websites. He has now brought my ideas to life with the “I Wish” club. You will find this button on the Clubs page:

We are asking everyone in SaddleBrooke Ranch who might be willing to help a neighbor who is ill or injured to sign up for the email list on the “I Wish” club website at In the third paragraph there is a link to “sign up for email alerts.” You will enter your email address, a code and then need to respond to an email, which is used to verify your email address. After signing up you will receive an email whenever someone makes a wish on the club site. It is then up to you whether you want to contact them and offer help with one or more items.

In the event you are the one needing help, go to the website and click on the My Wish button or link within the text. The My Wish page allows you to enter some common wishes by clicking checkboxes, and/or entering other details in a textbox at the bottom. After submitting your wish, an email will be sent out at night to anyone on the email list.

Since this is really new, we are not sure what we have missed or if we are making invalid assumptions. You can use the “Contact Us” page to give us your feedback. I truly hope this will be helpful in connecting those needing help with those wanting to help.