Help out by having fun!

Anne Grant

Everyone loves a win-win! Please gather your friends together to support a truly amazing organization. Come have the afternoon of your life on Sunday, Nov. 17 at 3 p.m. seeing The Gaslight Theatre’s fun, new musical Christmas show, The Secret Santa. Profits from your $24 ticket go towards supporting the caring and compassionate non-profit organization, United Cerebral Palsy of Southern Arizona (UCPSA).

SaddleBrooke’s own Rhonda Murray has happily worked for UCPSA for more than 12 years and is currently their human resources director. Residents of a little more than six months, Rhonda and her husband, Wayne, were drawn to SaddleBrooke because they wanted to “age well.” Rhonda shared with a smile that lit up her eyes, “One of the reasons I got involved with UCPSA is that I wanted to be able to choose my own care provider for when I needed it! I thought, ‘I’m aging, so I better have an in in the industry to make sure I can find someone good to take care of me!’”

Did you know that 70 percent of those helped by UCPSA have disabilities other than cerebral palsy, or that UCPSA helps people of all ages? UCPSA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that serves a wide range of people born with developmental disabilities such as muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, autism, Down syndrome, learning disabilities, developmental delays, as well as those with cerebral palsy. Most are unaware that UCPSA also serves people who have acquired a disability somewhere along the way. For example, those who have had heart attacks, cancer, or strokes and are now in need of in-home supports are serviced. UCPSA provides no cost, non-medical, in-home support for people with disabilities through trained direct care workers.

UCPSA successfully helps people to live in their own homes, either independently or with their families. UCPSA aims to “enrich the quality of life for people with disabilities, by providing programs and services that enhance their independence, productivity, and inclusion in community life, and by providing support to their families.” UCPSA currently serves more than 700 people throughout southern Arizona and is also a huge employer of 440 direct care workers.

The warmth and enthusiasm are tangible when visiting Tucson’s UCPSA office. As Rhonda shared, “We are excited and motivated because we really believe that these aren’t disabilities. We truly believe in helping people realize their abilities, and in helping them, put those abilities to work. It isn’t easy work, but our culture is one of such love, respect, compassion, and service. We are very mission driven. We hold ourselves to a higher standard because we are caring for people who are inviting us into their homes. It’s a very intimate setting because you are helping people get ready in the morning or are making meals for them.”

The range of services UCPSA provides extends beyond training, rehabilitation, and assistance with all aspects of daily life. Services include helping to provide food baskets, adaptive equipment, communications devices, cleaning supplies, vacations—you name it!

How can you help support the wonderful work being done at UCPSA? Start by getting a group of friends together to purchase tickets for The Secret Santa show at The Gaslight Theatre! Make a happy memory on the east side of town with an afternoon of laughter and music. See the ever popular and always sold out Christmas show while enjoying delicious food, a full bar, and delectable desserts! If you want to help, but are unable to go yourself, call UCPSA and sponsor someone else to go at 520-795-3108 and ask for either Rhonda Murray or Jay Turner. Get your tickets now to support a marvelous organization, and have a fabulous time!