Helping Others in Need: Creative Giving of SaddleBrooke Ranch

Neck scarf with pockets

Linda Shannon-Hills

So many people in the world are in need—foster care babies, young children, and teens, as well as older adults. Over the past two years, Creative Giving of SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR) has made more than 2,000 items for various charities in the area.

Some people in need are our SaddleBrooke Ranch residents. Someone may be having a knee or hip replacement, a sports injury, or pain doing regular household chores.

Creative Giving has a long list of items that we can provide our neighbors with to help relieve some pain, provide convenience when recovering from surgeries, or make every day a bit easier.

Contact our Creative Giving SBR coordinator to request one or more of the items listed in this article, available to our neighbors at no charge.

For SBR residents in medical need to keep—some items we have in our storage, while others are specially made based on the size needed.

1. Heart pillow—for mastectomy surgery patients

2. Heart pillow—for heart surgery patients

3. Rehab pillow—three-sided dog-bone shape (small and large)

4. Rehab pillow—two-sided dog-bone shape

5. Neck pillow

6. Walker/wheelchair bag

7. Waist apron—specify waist size

8. Wheelchair seat cover—on request, specify size

9. Seat belt cushion to protect port-lines

10. Neck scarf with pockets

11. Dignity curtain—to cover catheter or ostomy bag

12. Dignity bandana

13. Ice pack covers—various sizes—request size needed

14. Chemo cap—small and large

15. Shirt covers—adult bib on request

16. Activities/fidget mat/apron for dementia patients—on request

A photograph of all our items can be found on the SaddleBrooke Ranch HOA website, (log in with your password), under SBRINFO. Scroll down to MEDICAL EQUIPMENT LOANS to find the document with photographs of the items listed above. You can also borrow medical equipment from neighbors as well, also listed at this location. A link to this website can also be found at the very bottom of the weekly Ranch Reminder, sent out to all residents. (Photographs taken by Carol Andrews and Linda Shannon-Hills)