HOA transitioning to a new software

Projected Northstar Implementation Dates 

(please note these are subject  to change):

SaddleBrooke Ranch – August 1

Robson Ranch AZ – August 1

All SaddleBrooke Golf Courses, including SaddleBrooke Ranch – August 1  (HOA went live with their own Northstar system January 1)

PebbleCreek – September 1

Quail Creek – October 1

Robson Ranch Texas – November 1


Sherry Jackson, RCI Corporate Communications

Homeowners can look forward to new software and a new HOA website soon as the HOAs at a Robson Resort Community are getting an upgrade.

The new software from Northstar, a provider of business management software for private clubs and community associations, is being rolled out to all Robson community managed associations. In addition to maximizing operational efficiencies, the software is expected to provide enhanced financial reporting, food and beverage operations, golf management and business operation management.

“As we’ve built each community, each HOA has had different software, a different website and sometimes multiple systems to manage day-to-day activities and operations,” says Jack Sarsam, senior vice president, operations for Robson Communities, Inc. “Northstar will provide one integrated system per HOA with a lot more capability than we have now.”

Each HOA website will also have a new “look and feel” with updated navigation and functionality. Homeowners will receive new member RFID identification cards that can be used for expanded charging privileges within the community such as purchasing items at the pro shop or DVD rentals.

Future enhancements will allow homeowners to view and pay HOA dues online and easily access and change their own profile information. Also, residents will have the ability to reserve tee times, make dining reservations and purchase event tickets. The additional functionality is expected to be available within 60 days after the community implements the new software.

Robson began this large-scale project in 2016 and hopes to have all HOAs using the new software by the end of this year. The pilot program at SaddleBrooke Two HOA was rolled out successfully in January 2017.

“So far, residents and HOA staff have been happy with the new software,” says Mark Chapman, HOA Controller and the project manager of the software implementation at Robson Communities, Inc. “It’s important to note this is no cost to the HOA; RCI is paying for the cost of the installation and management of the project. Staff training is already underway in most communities and each community will have a designated on-site coordinator.”

Residents are being asked to verify contact and billing information prior to the rollout via an online form or in person. HOA staff will be communicating additional details and timelines for each  community.