Horseback riders enjoy Oracle’s Triangle Y Stable

Who knew the town of Oracle could host so many interesting activities? Not only do they have the Oracle Performing Arts Center, a thriving artists’ colony, some good restaurants and a zipline, but they also have a very nice trail ride. A nice group of 13 headed down the scenic trail, including new participants Robert and Linda Brock, Joe and Rosemary Douglas and Vince and Mary Fung.

It was a bit of a cloudy day in Oracle. As it is always a few degrees colder in Oracle, the wild flowers were just starting to come out, not yet at their peak. It was wonderful to see the surrounding countryside which looks down into the San Pedro Valley in the distance. The group also rode at Westward Look Resort in Tucson on Saturday, April 27.

The group rides monthly from late September to late April and will now be on hiatus until the fall. Riders have a varied level of experience. Beginners who have either never ridden or rode in their youth enjoy this activity right along with those who have more experience. All rides are at a walk, just to enjoy the scenery.

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