Horseback Riders Enjoy Some Fine Spring Weather

Left to right: Chuck Grover, Alyce Grover, Patty Frestedt, Jeff Smith, Mike Miller, Wolf
Tombe, Judy Smith, Neil Uscier, Rebecca Williams, and Wrangler.

Rebecca Williams

On Saturday morning, Feb. 1, the group headed up to Gold Canyon east of Apache Junction for a scenic ride in the foothills of the Superstition Mountains at Donnelly’s D-Spur Stables. The foothills are beautiful in the morning. Due to lower elevation of 1800 ft. versus ours at 3400 ft., the plants were already starting to green up and the hillsides had the emerald green color of spring. The ride took the group up a gentle incline. Resting the horses at the top, the group could look west to Phoenix. The view was magnificent.

There were 24 riders in two groups that morning. In addition to those who go with the group often were some newcomers: Patty Frestedt, Kathy Adis, Sheree McCarthy, Mike and Susan Miller, and Bud and Karen Nelson. Everyone seemed to have a great time enjoying the scenery and the pleasant day by horseback.

On Sunday morning, March 1, the group will be driving down to Tanque Verde Ranch for a breakfast ride. The trail will wind through the foothills of the Rincon Mountains. This is the first time for the group to try the breakfast ride at this location. It promises to be a fun event.

Rides typically cost between $40 and $60 per person. Plan to wear closed-toed shoes and long pants. Bringing a bottle of water is recommended. These are easily hung tucked into a pouch or a loop hung from the saddle horn. Western saddles are used on all rides. Plan to confirm your reservation at least seven days prior to the posted ride.

If you need more information or would like to participate, please click on our website. To get there go to the SBR HOA website. Click on “Things to do”, “Clubs”, and click on “Horseback Riding,” under Interests & Hobbies. Once there, you will see the name of Rebecca Williams, secretary for the group, and underneath another link to take you to the website.

At the website, on the right, you will see information about upcoming rides. You can sign up for alerts so you will get an email when a new ride is posted. If you want to join a ride, just click on “Contact Us,” at the bottom left of the page. Enter your name, which ride you want to join, and the number coming, including yourself. The secretary, Rebecca Williams, will confirm your reservation for the ride via email. She will also confirm the number attending with the stable, and assist in organizing carpools for those interested. If you have questions not answered here or on the website, Rebecca can be reached at 520-825-2466 or [email protected].