Horseback Riding Group Saddles Up for the Start of the Fall Season

The group enjoyed a ride down the Pantano Wash during the previous season.

Rebecca Williams

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Horseback Riding Group is getting saddled up again on Saturday, Sept. 24, for the start of the fall season. The group has been on hiatus since April due to the heat of the summer. In fact, many of the horses that are used for trail rides head for cooler climates themselves with stables sending horses to dude ranches up in Pinetop, Ariz.; Colorado; and Montana for the summer.

The monsoon rains have wreaked havoc on many trails and as of this time the location of the ride on Sept. 24 is yet to be determined. Once the rains stop, the trails in many cases will need to be repaired. Club secretary, Rebecca Williams, will be in touch with the stables to determine where will be the best place for the group to plan to ride.

The additional dates for the fall season will be Saturdays on Oct. 15, Nov. 19, and Dec. 10. Then the group takes a break, resuming again on Feb. 4. The best way to stay informed about upcoming rides is to go to the SaddleBrooke Ranch HOA website under “Things to do,” “Clubs,” “Horseback Riding,” and then click the link you will find there to be taken to the group’s website and information about upcoming plans. On the site, you can also click on “Contact Us” to sign up for an announced ride.

The SBR Horseback Riding Group does not own any horses. The group rides at various stables around the area. All rides are conducted at a walk, just to enjoy the scenery. No previous experience is required, but some stables have weight limits or helmet requirements. Riders can bring their own helmet from home when that is the case, or the stable will provide a helmet.

Many questions are answered on the website, but you can also contact Rebecca by email at [email protected].