How do you know if you make a difference?

Nan Nasser

You ask the people involved in your programs. SaddleBrooke Community Outreach (SBCO) has three major areas to target: clothing, education, nutrition. We received responses that we didn’t even request!

Clothing started with Kids’ Closet almost 20 years ago. Children in designated areas of need, primarily elementary school ages selected by school administrators, were welcomed to Kids’ Closet. They could select school clothing assisted by a volunteer. One little boy was overheard saying out loud, “I love this place.” Families expressed gratitude for the new, stylish outfits; children wrote special notes.

Teen Closet focuses on high school kids. One youngster sent a card to SBCO saying that we had been angels that God had sent to her. She thanked us for showing her how to help her community and for the love we have for everyone.

The Governing Board of Amphitheater School District thanked us for our donations noting that they supplement the budget, fill vital needs and enrich educational opportunities.

Enrichment programs in our service area also expressed great appreciation for our support. A speakers’ program at Central Arizona College (CAC) in Arivaipa exposed students and adults to new ideas, challenged them to think critically and opened eyes to new careers.

A trip for high school students from Kearny to Washington D.C. resulted in the comment that small towns are great places to grow up, but those in small towns forget to explore the rest of the world. The trip helped students expand their horizons.

College for Kids is held at CAC, Arivaipa, and the return comments from kids and parents were wonderful, talking about the excitement of the day. One child loved the computer lab because he could look up stuff and learn new things.

Some scholarship recipients also sent letters. A nursing student at ASU completed 14 credits last semester, made the Dean’s List for the College of Nursing and was accepted to a summer program in Peru exploring healthcare, culture and ethics in Peru.

A student at Northern Arizona University will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical sciences with a minor in chemistry. She also is volunteering in a local community dealing with security and safety. She is gaining hours as an EMT with hopes of helping Kearny.

SBCO supports the Tri Community Food bank. A summer food distribution for kids was much appreciated by kids and families. One youngster at College for Kids loved the breakfasts! He hadn’t eaten one in two weeks.

We do make a difference! And you can help us continue. Check our website for ways to get involved: