How much do I need to drink?

SBR Wellness Roundup Advisory Group

Before Exercising: two cups of fluid (16oz) two hours before exercising

During Exercise: one cup fluid (5-10 oz) every 15-20 minutes

Post Exercise: one cup fluid (5-10oz) every 15-20 minutes for two hours or four cups of fluid per each pound of body weight loss. The level of activity, environmental conditions and rate of sweat all need to be considered when determining pre-exercise, mid-exercise and post exercise hydration.

What should I drink? Research has shown both water and sport drinks to be excellent sources for maintaining proper hydration. In exercise sessions lasting less than 60 minutes, water is just as effective as sport drinks in sustaining performance levels. However, certain sport drinks containing six to eight percent carbohydrates have been shown to be more effective than water in maintaining performance levels for sessions lasting longer than 60 minutes. In addition, sport drinks containing six to eight percent carbohydrates tend to be less upsetting to the stomach and are quickly absorbed by your body.

Don’t wait until you are thirsty! It’s too late!

Source: The American College of Sports Medicine