How to celebrate Labor Day with very little labor

Steve Weiss

The best way to spend Labor Day is to have someone else make the food and to share the organizational and cleanup responsibilities. Well, that is exactly what SaddleBrooke Ranch unit 8A residents did on September 3. OK, one day before Labor Day. Organizers Debbie Chapman and Gail Latimer planned a great unit 8A party with games and food, which was attended by 60 people. All residents brought chairs and tables and their favorite beverages. Debbie and Gail, not wanting to prepare the food themselves, hired Dad’s SmokeHouse. The food served by Dad’s included BBQ brisket, chicken and pulled pork along with baked beans, coleslaw, French fries and mac and cheese. Fruit cobbler topped with ice cream was served for dessert. The activities included corn bag toss, ball toss and horseshoes.

Residents in unit 8A continue to host a variety of social events. So far in 2017 residents have enjoyed a St. Patrick’s Day party, a progressive dinner and two performances at DesertView. Still to come by year-end are gatherings including wine tasting, international potluck dinner, taste of chocolate party, an evening at the Gaslight Music Hall and holiday caroling parties. The ladies play Bunco monthly and have a quarterly luncheon at the Bistro. Unit residents also meet monthly for happy hour and in September gathered for the 19th time in a row. And of course, planning for 2018 is well under way. Photos by Steve Weiss.