Is the SaddleBrooke Ranch Cancer Support Group Right for Me?

Sandy Jessop

The answer is simple. If you…

* Are a cancer survivor; or

* Are now or have ever been a caregiver; or

* Have family or friends who had or are living with cancer

…then this club is for you.

Our community has grown, and so has our support group. If you meet the criteria listed above (and most of us do), you may have additional questions. As we ring in the new year, we bring you a list of common questions and answers.

Q: Is there a cost to becoming a member of the Cancer Support Group (CSG)?

A: No—there is no cost to join this group.

Q: What kind of a commitment do I make if I choose to join the CSG?

A: There is no formal commitment needed to join the group. Member benefits are different for everyone. Advantages may include:

* Reading GroupWorks messages, articles, and educational information.

* Attending quarterly meetings, which in the past have included happy hours, breakfast meetings, art therapy, and more.

* Receiving or delivering meals for neighbors currently in treatment.

* Accompaniment to doctor appointments to have that extra support. (As well as an extra set of ears!)

Q: What are the emotional benefits of becoming a CSG member?

A: While each person’s emotional benefits differ, some of the main advantages include the ability to:

* give and receive support.

* feel less isolated.

* feel heard and understood by empathetic people.

* develop friendships.

* learn how other people are coping.

* share thoughts and ideas.

* listen to each other in a non-judgmental and caring way.

* mentor others.

Q: How can I join the CSG?

A: It’s simple! Send an email to Sandy Jessop at [email protected], who will register you (and your email) on GroupWorks.

Q: What’s next?

A: Our quarterly meeting, usually in January, is delayed one month due to logistical issues. But you won’t want to miss our next gathering!

Palliative Care vs. Hospice: Are They Both the Same?

Feb. 27 at 3:30 p.m.

La Hacienda La Mesa Room

…followed by a happy hour and social time together!

Look for details on Facebook, NextDoor, GroupWorks, and the February issue of the Saddlebrooke Ranch Roundup.

To all our Cancer Support Group members, as well as all our SBR neighbors, we wish each other a very happy and healthy new year!