It’s all about our veterans – the perfect gift option

Frank G. Buck, Veteran of Viet Nam, Local Resident of SaddleBrooke

The perfect gift to the Veteran in your family on Veterans day, Christmas, Birthday and Memorial Day.

For many years I have tried to honor our veterans for their service to our country. The portrait we produce will show what they did while they service this wonderful country and time they serve.

I started putting together portraits of veterans on a patriotic background with the metals they have owned and the time they spent in their branch of service. The portrait measures 18 inches by 11 inches with a watercolor background, many backgrounds to choose from.

The website is called Veteran Watercolors .

On the website you can pick the background, upload a picture of your veteran, pick the metals they owned, and add the time and branch of service they serviced there country, we will do the rest.

The only cost is a donation for the cost of the material, printing and shipping, all extra moneys go to fallen veteran’s family for a free portrait.

If you know of a fallen veteran, we encourage you to go to the website site and add them for a free portrait

We also have a link on the website to donate to the top two major veterans’ programs, Wounded Warriors and Disabled Veterans. We have an additional donation that is collected for the fallen Veterans called Bless Our Vets (BOV), hundred percent of all the donations in BOV goes to the fallen Veteran.

Thank you