It’s All Paper—Making a Bowl!

Kristin Marada

Debby Felzien

Erin Newman

In July, SaddleBrooke Ranch Art Club members experienced the fun and creativity of making a paper-quilled bowl. Instructor Erin Newman first demonstrated the technique of rolling long strips of paper into very tight coils using a quilling tool and adhesive. The students picked out their own color-coordinated strips of paper, learned how to make the coils, then went home to finish making the rest of the coils. During the week, I received many comments about “paper cuts.” In the artistic paper world, we call those “scars of creativity!”

The next week, with hundreds of paper coils in hand, students came in ready to create their own paper-quilled bowls. Using a plastic/glass bowl as a mold, each formed their own paper bowl all from the tight coils they had made the week before. Using a sealer and paintbrush, the bowls were “painted with glue,” making them more durable. Once dry, the paper-quilled bowls are ready to use for those special items, such as jewelry, wrapped candies, and the like. It was a fun class, with lots of learning and concentration. The results were amazing!