Join Us! Winds & Strings Seeks More Musicians

Melanie Einbund

Magic! It was absolute magic when some five or so years ago I started playing timpani with my adult school band in Northern California. To be a part of making music was just pure magic!

Now I play with SaddleBrooke Winds & Strings. Every Friday morning, for an hour and a half, we rehearse together for concerts and our own amusement. We are of all calibers, from the very experienced and the ‘not so.’

I am of the ‘not so,’ and I have been welcomed, supported, and encouraged as I learn to play musical pieces I know and those I do not know. I am learning and smiling at every step—or should I say note.

To our SaddleBrooke community, Winds & Strings provides concerts. Music brings smiles and joy, and that is our goal. But, to have concerts we need musicians! We are hoping for more.

Perhaps you are wanting to pick up your instrument tucked in your closet and play a tune or two. Come join us every Friday morning from 8:30 to 10 a.m. at the MountainView Ballroom. You do not have to be on the A-List of musicians, just have the want and willingness to play. We are a friendly and welcoming group. If you have questions or comments, contact Jim Brocklin at 520-241-3522.

A bit more info: Winds & Strings began nine years ago, with only six musicians playing in a member’s family room. A flute, baritone, clarinet, sax, trumpet, and drums made up the band. Some of those first members are with us today. As the band grew to 12 members, they moved to a garage. Then an Activity Center with violins, trumpets, trombones, and a piano.

Today our summer band ranges from 15 to 20 members, with our winter band up to 40 members. Our winter band is under the direction of Ed Sand and we have guest conductors or member conductors during the summer.

Today we are looking to provide at least six concerts per year, and yes, we have a need for more musicians. Please consider us as you think about all you can do at SaddleBrooke!

Let us hear from you to make music together, from the youngest at 30 years to our oldest at 90-plus years.

Come and enjoy music and the friendship!