Line dance lessons are in full swing


The fall Line Dance class crowds the corner of the room, but these folks have lots of elbow room on the floor. Loads of fun and new dances are coming from Rebecca this fall and winter at the La Hacienda Clubhouse.

Dr Mark Magdanz

Line dance is hopping in the fall season. What’s next? Parties, Holidays and oh yeah, it’s time to sign up for the winter season. Your neighbors have been dancing with Rebecca since October of 2012. So far there has been room for everyone to learn to line dance at SaddleBrooke Ranch. Many thanks go to Andrea and the staff who have expanded the capacity and comfort of the room with the removal of bikes during class time.

Line dancing is all about fun and exercise. Line dancing is so popular that classes designed for the beginner and the more advanced student are available. It is the no. 3 most participated in senior exercise worldwide. When it comes to aging, James Fries, MD, Stanford University stated, “If you had to pick one thing that came closest to the fountain of youth, it would have to be exercise.” Rebecca teaches with an emphasis on humor and self-improvement. Progress to the next level at your own pace or stay in a skill level forever. You may also come to SaddleBrooke for a more advanced dance level and more vigorous workout. Both class levels meet on Wednesday afternoon. Classes are restricted in size, so you must register with Rebecca in advance to attend.

Line dancing is a stress relieving activity, and we laugh out loud many times in every class. The focus of the classes is just to have some great fun, exercise, learn and develop the ability to laugh at ourselves. We can improve our quality of life with some hearty guffaws and our successes on the dance floor; giggle or laugh out loud when we get the dance right or when a dance gets the best of us. Come join in for some good times, laughs and some exercise. Health benefits include: improved memory with new learning, better balance/coordination, more socialization, music therapy (has proven helpful in the maintenance and recovery of brain function), improved general fitness .

Dance varieties in class expose you to many forms of dance music including: Swing, Country, Tango, Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, Charleston, Samba. So you can “DANCE WITH YOUR HEART AND YOUR FEET WILL FOLLOW!”

To place your name on one of the reservation lists for the winter series, contact Rebecca Magdanz. Rebecca has been teaching line dance professionally for over eight years. Contact Rebecca at [email protected] or phone  818-2656.