Line Dance lessons with Rebecca

Dr. Mark Magdanz

The fall dancing season was a rousing success. Level 1/Beginner dancers learned and enjoyed nine new dances. Level 2/intermediates danced 13. That’s a great accomplishment and it includes a generous helping of fun, too. So, what’s up next? It’s last minute now to get signed up for the winter season. Classes will start at the Ranch on Wednesday, January 18. The 2019 winter class series will run 11 weeks. Two skill levels are taught year-round on Wednesday afternoons in the Hacienda Aerobics Room. Rebecca’s line dance lessons provide SaddleBrooke Ranch residents with dancing for the novice through to the mid-level line dancer.

Learning to line dance is easy and fun with a bit of exercise. Line dancing is very much like a child playing with blocks. You learn some steps (a block), then another. Put two-four blocks of steps together and you have a dance. Learn different blocks and you have a different dance. With practice and repetition, voila, you could build the Great Wall of China. With a fairly small number of three-four step blocks, choreographers have published over 100,000 different dances on our favorite instructor site. Don’t worry, we don’t aspire to learn all those dances or a big wall. Some new, with a couple repeats each series keeps the dancing fresh and stimulating. Remember, in line dance you basically step forward, backward, sideways, across or behind, kick your foot, touch the toe or heel, etc.; easy stuff! Once you’ve learned basic steps, you can learn different combinations and then more complex dances come faster and easier. A couple years back AARP reported that 94% of surveyed seniors rated staying mentally astute as a top priority. Dancing helps a lot! Secrets of Staying Sharp stressed, four factors affecting brain health are mental, physical and social activity, plus vascular health. All four are supported with regular line dancing. Add a bit of laughter, proven to strengthen the immune system, and you have a happy, healthy experience on the dance floor.

Line dancing is a stress relieving activity, laughing out loud as often as possible. The focus of the classes is just some great fun, exercise, redeveloping our ability to laugh at ourselves and with others. We improve our quality of life with hearty guffaws and enjoy success while dancing. Giggle/LOL when we get the dance right or when a dance bests us. Come join for a good time, laughs and some fun exercise. Rebecca’s classes are on Wednesday and/or Saturday and taught at two different skill levels each day. An 11-class series is planned to begin mid-January.

“Dance with your heart and your feet will follow!”

To place your name on one of the reservation lists for the winter series in 2019, contact Rebecca Magdanz. She is a dedicated (14 years) and professional line dance instructor with five years teaching happy students in SaddleBrooke Ranch. Contact Rebecca at [email protected] or phone 818-2656.