Line Dance Lessons with Rebecca

Next stop Hacienda fitness floor for fall line dancing. Rebecca and Mark will see you there.

Next stop Hacienda fitness floor for fall line dancing. Rebecca and Mark will see you there.

Dr. Mark Magdanz

Summer festivities are done. Oh, what to do? How about dancing-yeah. All three line dancing levels will have classes starting the last week of September. Never danced with Rebecca? It’s all about fun, learning and laughter in her classes. Plan ahead now for your future dancing as it will be very unlikely to find a beginner’s spot until the winter series in January.

The annual “October Animal (fundraiser) Dance Party” will again be a three-hour event with proceeds benefiting organizations providing help to hurricane displaced animals. Residents from both SaddleBrooke Ranch and SaddleBrooke are participating. Fun and funds for our furry friends are often on the benefit party agenda.

Fall Level 1 Beginners has just a couple spaces for fall. It is at capacity in SaddleBrooke, and a few folks are still waiting to get a space. Rebecca has always worked hard and again been able to accommodate everyone. Don’t delay contacting her for the next series. Why so popular? It’s both fun and exercise, one of the top forms of low impact activity for seniors. Rebecca is a master in teaching the skills. Level 1 Beginner classes are for students new to line dance and those who like easier steps, a relaxed teaching pace and a less strenuous workout.

Level 2 Advanced Beginner/Easy Intermediate dances are more complex. The teaching pace is quicker. Sessions are Wednesday at the Ranch and Monday/Tuesday in SB. If you have some basic skills and fitness you may still find a space available for the fall season.

Level 3 Intermediate dancing is the most challenging in our communities. Thursdays bring a lot of fun, vigorous workouts and a mentally challenging dance floor experience.

Student practice sessions covering all skill levels are continuous year round and function to seal skills and dances into muscle memory. The current schedule is emailed to class participants.

Line Dance benefits include but are not limited to: 1) lowered BP and cholesterol level; 2) increases mobility; 3) improves balance; 4) increases bone mass and muscle; 5) aids weight loss; 6) eases depression; 7) impedes Alzheimer’s. Yes, line dance is big worldwide because it’s just great fun.

Line Dancing with Rebecca follows sound educational principles and emphasizes lots of fun. To sign up for a fall 2017 session or to even get started planning for 2018, contact Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or phone 818-2656 for locations, cost information, and to be placed on one of her reservation lists. Rebecca is a 12+ year full-time SaddleBrooke resident and teaches year round in both SaddleBrooke and SB Ranch. Rebecca began teaching in SaddleBrooke 10 years ago and has been serving SB Ranch for five years in October.