Line Dance Lessons with Rebecca

Rebecca’s Level 1 Class has learned several new dances this fall. Fun, while getting some safe indoor exercise as the seasons change too fast this year.

Dr. Mark Magdanz

Classes are swinging on into the holiday season. So, what’s next? It’s time to get signed up for the winter season. By January the floor will most likely be full. Rebecca restricts class size so all students can have the best experience of fun and learning. So, we like to think like the three bears: not too big or small-just right for the fun, exercise and friendship.

Line dancing with Rebecca is really just about fun and exercise. Line dancing, as the number three most popular of senior exercise worldwide, has youtube videos from every continent, even Antarctica. Why? Because it’s fun and doesn’t hurt! Learn how most movements in dance are already in your daily life—then just add music. Rebecca teaches the two skill levels of her classes with emphasis on humor and self-improvement without stress. You can progress through the levels at your own pace or stay at a favorite class level forever.

The health news has reported on the adult sense of humor and lack thereof. Especially visible around campaign season. Whew! Now we get six months off before it starts again, maybe? Research indicates we just don’t laugh enough. It’s in middle age that both men and women begin to suffer a sharp decline in sense of humor and get increasingly grumpy, say British scientists. Researcher Dr. L. Harbidge has said, “The Lifetime of Laughter Scale shows that there really are diminishing returns when it comes to laughter. We laugh twice as much as teens as compared to our fifties. Then findings suggest that it’s all downhill from 52.” The study found infants laughing aloud 300 times daily; life rapidly becomes far less amusing. Teenagers laugh just six times a day. Sadly, the average 60-year-old manages a hearty guffaw just 2.5 times a day. Harbidge said, “It’s important to remember how good laughter is for you: it releases endorphins and a little laughter every day goes a long way toward reducing stress. To combat stress, we ought to be seeking out more humor.”

Line dancing is a stress relieving activity, laughing out loud as often as possible. The focus of the classes is just some great fun, exercise, redeveloping our ability to laugh at ourselves and with others. We improve our quality of life with hearty guffaws and enjoy success while dancing. Giggle/LOL when we get the dance right or when a dance bests us. Come join for a good time, laughs and some fun exercise. Rebecca’s classes are on Wednesday and/or Saturday and taught at two different skill levels each day. A ten-class series is planned to begin mid-January.

“Dance with your heart and your feet will follow!”

To place your name on one of the reservation lists for the Winter Series in 2019, contact Rebecca Magdanz. She’s a professional Line Dance instructor with now most of five years teaching happy students in SaddleBrooke Ranch. Contact Rebecca at [email protected] or phone 818-2656.