Line Dance lessons with Rebecca open at the Ranch

Rebecca’s fall line dance classes start in October.

Rebecca’s fall line dance classes start in October.

Dr Mark Magdanz

Want to line dance this fall? It’s hard to believe but we’re already headed to another change in seasons. Fall classes are nearly full. If you are brand new you will find some space at SaddleBrooke Ranch. SaddleBrooke classes are full. Rebecca reserves class series far into the future, so with fall series and more dancing in 2017, you are best served by getting your space now for your fun in the future. Keep in mind that class attendance requires advance reservation; no drop-ins accommodated as class sizes are limited by floor space, and classes run as a series. Snowbirds do well in this format.

Whether you are novice or an experienced dancer, lessons are geared to giving you the opportunity to dance, improve brain function and exercise with new friends. All class levels include some fundamentals, fitness, balance, exercise and fun. Come experience line dance with different music, many styles and rhythms. Brand new to line dance? Start in the easiest level and not be overwhelmed. Many completing a couple of series can move to Level 2, and the most fit/adventurous love the challenge in Level 3. Think you are beyond beginner status? Please speak with Rebecca for appraisal of your abilities/experience. Note: There’s no advanced dancing in SB; our age/physical status lead to intermediate difficulty as our uppermost aspiration.

Level 1 Beginner class is for those new to line dancing and for those who desire a slower pace. Classes occur Wednesday afternoon. This fall you can even dance some Monday mornings as SaddleBrooke lessons are moved north several weeks.

Level 2 Beginner/Intermediate classes deliver a bit faster learning and dancing workout. Given some previous training and/or experience you may jump directly to this level. This level has step training and also works your stamina. Classes are Wednesday afternoon at the Hacienda aerobics room. You may dance at SaddleBrooke sessions to replace any missed classes due to travels.

Level 3 Intermediate class is the most challenging class with complex dances and a vigorous workout. Class is Thursday in the early afternoon and only in SaddleBrooke. Note: No one has yet started happily in Level 3 classes.

Afternoon practice sessions occur year round for all levels in order to perfect your skills, increase stamina and mainly for the fast workout/abundant fun/laughter. Practices and classes generally total 5,000-6,000 steps per session.

Please be aware that fall Monday and Tuesday classes have frequent banquet conflicts. This means we may be moving around to different dance floors as necessary and enables freer access to Ranch dancers making up or adding sessions.

To place your name on a reservation list for fall/winter, contact Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] If you feel you are beyond Level 1 skills, please call 818-2656 to discuss your situation. Rebecca is a professional line dance instructor with nearly nine years of SaddleBrooke teaching and over 250 different dances taught in her time in Arizona.