Macho Nacho Man

Joy Hellard

After dealing with COVID-19, enduring the endless Bighorn Fire, and facing dire warnings of migrating Murder Hornets, the Ranch residents of 16B definitely welcomed a reason to smile. Pete and Roxanne Watson, founders of our pre-COVID social events, unknowingly provided us with a fun “socially distant get-together” with the introduction of their new Goldendoodle puppy, Nacho.

When Pete and Roxanne left on their puppy mission July 27, Nini Frank and Sherann Ellsworth hung a “Welcome Home” banner on the Watsons’s garage door. Nini sent notifications to the 16B residents inviting them to write their well wishes to the new arrival. Pete and Roxanne were undecided about the puppy’s name; so, potential contenders for that title decorated the garage, and residents voted on their favorite. The Watsons loved names ending in “O.” As a result, names ranging from Cujo, Guido, Paco, to Nacho were plastered with voting stickers. During the Watsons’ absence, people walked, biked, or drove by to write messages of congratulation while maintaining a safe social distance.

On their return, Roxanne described the puppy quest. At daybreak and wearing an N95 mask, Roxanne boarded a nearly empty plane in Mesa, flying to Nebraska. In Nebraska, she was met in baggage claim by the breeder with the puppy, and within minutes was back on the plane bound for home. For the first 25 minutes of the return flight, Nacho expressed his displeasure at flying coach rather than first class. Roxanne’s screaming “child,” possessing two black button eyes and four legs, quickly won the hearts of those on the plane. Although passengers understood, Roxanne kept thinking, “At least I will never see these people again.” Back home and happily exhausted, the Watsons found a huge banner covered with warm greetings for their new baby boy.

During the next few days, sleepless nights were compensated by the puppy’s overwhelming cuteness. After some rest and reflection, Pete and Roxanne thought, “Who doesn’t love Nachos?” So puppy Watson found himself in a loving home, with incredible parents, and a great new name. Soon, Pete, Roxanne, and puppy were dancing throughout the house singing, “Nacho, Nacho Man,” creating their own version of the hit song from The Village People. Residents of 16B celebrate the arrival of “Macho Nacho Man” because puppies have the unique ability to make people smile, even when times are challenging.