Master Gardeners Booth at SaddleBrooke Ranch Club Expo

Jay Dunn

On Saturday, Feb. 8, SaddleBrooke Ranch held their Club Expo at the Sol Ballroom. Master Gardeners Laurie McCoy, Julie Peek, Roxanne Watson, and Zann Wilson manned the table for SaddleBrooke Master Gardeners, who serve SaddleBrooke One, SaddleBrooke TWO, and SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR). They shared information with SBR residents about Master Gardener services, programs, and how to join the service group for those interested. Master Gardener is a service program under the co-operative Extension Service of the University of Arizona. The mission of the Master Gardener program, which exists all over the United States, is to assist the residential community in education and diagnosing plant problems, to lead school programs, to train the next generation of Master Gardeners, and otherwise assist the community with their residential garden questions and problems. Those residents new to the region who just want to learn how to take care of our very different plant life, have many questions.

Since many people are transplants from other states and want to know how to take care of plants in desert climate, the SaddleBrooke/SaddleBrooke Ranch Master Gardeners make house calls to advise and diagnose problems. Contact Don Lawson (SaddleBrooke Ranch) [email protected] or Fred Flanagan (SaddleBrooke) 520-407-6459, to answer questions or arrange a house call. To find out more about activities go to our website