Meet Fonzy and Moose

Fonzy and Moose

My name is Moosewood. Moose for short. I am a pug with an apricot coat, brown eyes and I weigh all of 19.5 pounds. My younger brother, Fonzy, is also a pug with a fawn coat and brown eyes. He weighs a bit more, 20.5 pounds.

Fonzy is high spirited with lots of energy and very little self-control. When people come to visit, I simply offer them a toy so they can play with me. But Fonzy, on the other paw, gets very excited. He barks, jumps on our guests and, if that doesn’t get their attention, he gives them licks and kisses. How unsophisticated is that!

Fonzy lunges at Moose from behind the sofa. “WHOA!” Moose exclaim. “Come on Moose,” says Fonzy, “let’s rumble” as he grabs the stuffed bear and teases Moose into playing tug-of-war.

“Hey Fonz’, that’s my bear!”

They each bite an end of the bear and shake and shake and shake until one loses his grip and tumbles backwards onto the floor.

“I won!” says Fonzy.

“Oh Fonz’, you are such a jock. Winning is everything to you.”

“Hey Moose, did you hear that? Is that the garage door opening? I think dad is backing out the pug-mobile!” Fonzy jumps up and down as he turns in circles with excitement.

“Come on Boys, let’s go!” says Mom.

We love to ride in the pug-mobile. I hope we are going to the doggie park. People are friendly and there’s lots of room to run and play. Fonzy barks and barks until you throw him a small tennis ball. He will chase those balls until he huffs and puffs and runs out of steam. I, ‘The Moose,’ on the other paw, love to meet and greet.

“Hi Miss Susan, how is Puddin’ today?”

“Hey Jerry, is Rocky here?”

“Hi Daisy, where’s your Mom?”

Pet, pet, love, kiss, kiss, kiss…

“Hey Fonzy, come over and say Hi to the folks.”

“Stop nagging, Moose. I am getting all the attention. When I play ball all eyes are on me.

Besides, I have two Blue Ribbons. That makes me very special and proves that I am a perfect Pug. Everyone can see that!”

“Give me a break, Fonzy. That was years ago when you were a baby Pug. You have grown up and, by the way, added a few pounds since then.”

“Mom’s calling us, Moose. It must be dinner time.”

We were both quiet all the way home in anticipation of curling up in our cozy beds and taking a well-deserved nap. Once in the door, mom says “Come Around”. That can only mean one thing, treats! Mom said we were very good at the Dog Park and we deserve a little treat. We circled her legs, sat and waited for our treat. Mom was so proud.

“Hey Fonzy, if we are really good doggies, mom and dad may play puzzle games with us after dinner.”

“Ah Moose, you know those games are not for me. I would rather wrestle, play and eat.”

Fonzy and I have our differences. We tease, we wrestle and we poke fun of each other throughout the day. But we are close buddies and we will always be best friends to the end.

See ya tomorrow at the Doggie Park!