Men (and women)! Learning dance is fun and easy

Mark Magdanz

We are so lucky to live here in the sunshine and warmth. There is also an expanding opportunity to dance or learn to dance as the community grows. The task of learning to dance can be more daunting for the guys out there wanting to spin the ladies around the floor—but, more about that later.

In a dance lesson, you have one required skill to get started—walk. It is very helpful if you can walk forward, backward, and to either side. If you can walk down the street, never fear, your instructor can add more advanced skills, like turning around. I am making light of things, but the truth is that all dancing is just a series of steps put together in a pleasing fashion.

You can learn most types of dances both with and without a partner in Robson communities. Learning to dance is expensive elsewhere. SaddleBrooke Ranch instructors mostly teach for the joy of dance. There are lessons that cost as little as $7 for 90 minutes in a group lesson—essentially a gift.

Now for the guys: Many men don’t want to dance because they can get embarrassed at mistakes made in front of others. Some don’t think that they have rhythm. The excuses are many, but the facts are simple: practice your dancing, take some lessons, get a work out, and give the joy of dancing to yourself. Here’s a secret. Ladies have it easy in couples dancing. They follow someone else’s lead. An experienced lead can make her look like a pro in almost no time. Not so for the men, who must learn how, when, and where to move all the while keeping a watch out for others on the floor. Then, you have to send those messages through non-verbal signals for her to follow. It’s like being the pilot, air traffic controller, ground control, while serving a drink at the same time. But you really can do it with modest effort. You can dance.

For the ladies: Give your man a break. He has to do all the tasks above and make you look good. He has a job—make a frame so that you can be the pretty picture inside. He’s doing far more than you may think, and it will take time and practice to put it all together.

Having survived the above, I can say one thing. If I had it to do over, I’d start by line dancing. Learn basic dance moves responsible only for yourself. You will be so much more comfortable when you become a partner leading a dance. The frustration (and marital discord) will be so much lower! Yes, you can dance—with or without a partner.

The winter line dance class starts on Jan. 13. Contact Rebecca Magdanz to sign up at [email protected] or 520-818-2656. Rebecca’s a full-time resident of SaddleBrooke. The classes are designed to function as a community service supporting health and fitness.