Mending Souls: Helping Those In Need

Linda Shannon-Hills

A group of SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR) residents have come together to make a difference, volunteering their time and talents for Mending Souls. The organizational meeting for Mending Souls at SBR was held on Sept. 1 to outline the 30 projects needed for those in crisis. We had 24 women in attendance to become volunteers, with 30 more contacting us to join after the meeting.

The first work session was held on Sept. 8 to make zippered school supply bags for students in lower income areas. Those in attendance cut out the material, while others pinned the zippers for others to sew them together. A few women made zippered bags at home and brought them in to include with the bags made during this work session. It was a good start, making more than 28 zippered school supply bags, with more to come.

Elida Jerman made three Heart Teddies, with embroidered faces, hands, and hearts, to donate, with more in production.

This group will have work sessions scheduled every first Wednesday of the month in the Needle Arts Room located in the Creative Arts and Technology Center, starting at 9 a.m., then continuing into the afternoon during the SEW WHAT session. Thank you to the SEW WHAT group for allowing one afternoon a month to focus on Mending Souls projects.

Besides donating their time, several residents made donations of fabric, zippers, and thread for future projects. Monetary donations are also needed to purchase specific supplies needed for other projects. On the fourth Wednesday of the month, in the afternoon, we accept monetary donations as well as fabric and supplies. Visit us in the Needle Arts Room.

Many of the Paper Crafters have volunteered to make hand-crafted cards and notes to celebrate community heroes and those in long-term care facilities who spend much of their time alone. These cards bring so many smiles to others in need of it the most.

In our October session, on Wednesday, Oct. 6, starting at 9 a.m., the focus for projects will be baby items. This includes newborn and toddler baby bibs, baby burp cloths, baby neck pillows, play-time blocks, cotton baby rattles, fabric books, knitted/crocheted baby caps, booties, baby blankets and clothing, crocheted toy balls, sewn teddies, and machine-embroidered Heart Teddies. With so many items needed, there is something for everyone to make.

Would you like to become a volunteer angel making a difference for someone in need? Volunteering brings joy to our hearts. If you don’t sew, knit, crochet, papercraft, or embroider, we need other volunteers to cut out and assemble kits for others to make, organize projects, take items to the Mending Souls headquarters, and so much more. Contact Dian Gowen at [email protected] or Linda Shannon-Hills at [email protected].

Once you read about the great work done by Mending Souls, you will want to become a volunteer angel as well. Visit to find patterns for all 30 projects to make on your own or to donate directly to the program.