Mending Souls: Looking For Volunteers to Sew, Knit, Crochet, and Make Cards For Charity

Linda Shannon-Hills and Dian Gowen

Many residents at the Ranch are always making items for family and friends, but there comes a time when you have overwhelmed them with your creative items. Many of us in the sewing clubs discovered a Tucson group called Mending Souls and we were amazed at all the great work they do for hospitals, assisted living facilities, schools, shelters, and so much more. We wanted to help.

The Mending Souls group started in 2016, and after numerous projects were given to various charities in the area, it resulted in life-changing and spirit-lifting involvement, leading them to become an official nonprofit organization in Arizona in 2018. They are nondenominational, nonpolitical, and simply on a mission to help any soul that needs mending.

They post more than 30 projects on their website needed by various organizations in the area. Many are easy for most people to complete, so our Sew What group agreed to host a workday once a month to make various items we can take to the Tucson office of Mending Souls. Only SBR residents will be allowed to join our group at the Creative Arts and Technology Center Needle Arts Room, but volunteers are not limited to members of any of the clubs currently meeting in the sewing room. So come join us.

The projects range from baby and toddler bibs, burp cloths, neck pillows, learning blocks and toys, fabric books, knitted and crocheted caps, booties, or blankets, sewn and machine embroidered teddy bears, pillowcases, zippered school bags, blankets, courage bags, wheelchair/walker bags, dignity purses, bereavement bags; bereavement keepsakes, masks, shields, knitted headbands, surgical masks, chemotherapy caps, rehabilitation pillows, activity or fidget mats, washable pet rescue beds, feral pet rescue cage covers, plus numerous paper art items, like cards, tags, and more. With these items, there are specific patterns we should use based on the needs of the recipients.

We are going to hold an organizational meeting on Sept. 1 at 10 a.m. to find out interest and to get things started with our Ranch resident volunteers interested in participating. A workday will be on Wednesday, Sept. 8, more details to come at the organizational meeting. Residents can also make items at home to bring into the sewing room to take to Mending Souls.

We have set up an SBR Mending Souls GroupWorks, which is a satellite group to the Tucson organization. If you are a member on Groupworks with another club, you can request to join or send an email to Linda Shannon-Hills at [email protected] to be added.

Volunteering is good for the soul and makes you feel like you are making a difference. You will have fun and make new friends. Check out the Mending Souls website,

Mending Souls: 501(c)(3) EIN CODE 83-336-5818 and Arizona Tax Credits (Qualified Charitable Organization) CODE QCO 22361 for cash or cash-equivalent. Tax-deductible receipts are available upon request!

Non-profit Corp. #1931984