Minnesota Club Bocce Event

Winning team, the “Lake Minnetonka Monsters” (photo by D. Pedota)

D. Pedota

On April 26, the Minnesota Club had their annual Bocce Event. We competed against 30mileperhour winds, but as Minnesotans used to blustery weather, we didn’t let that stop us.

The highest scoring team was the “Lake Minnetonka Monsters” (Janelle Sundberg, Linda Noble, Sheryl Eilenfeld, and Julie Dzekute) at 25 points. They beat out the 2nd place team (23 points) the “Ice Fishers” (Chris and Gil Logan and Greg and Jodi Mazakian). This was our last event as we take a hiatus over the summer. To get on the Minnesota Club mailing list, contact [email protected].