National Park Club Visits Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Dining at River Bottom Bar & Grill in Florence

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Nancy Eisenstein

On Feb. 21, members of the National Park Club carpooled to their first outing of the year, Casa Grande Ruins National Monument located in Coolidge, Ariz. The nation’s first archaeological preserve protects what remains of Casa Grande or “Great House,” a four-story adobe structure built around 1350 and considered sacred by the descendants of the Ancestral Sonoran Desert people.

After watching an introductory film in the visitor’s center, Park Ranger Precious led a guided walking tour explaining how her ancestors’ builders and inhabitants achieved a sophisticated culture. There was an extensive prehistoric agricultural society living there. They built a lengthy canal irrigation system all by hand using only tools made of saguaro wood. People come from far and near to behold this work of a mysterious people and to speculate on its origins and meaning.

Afterwards a group of members dined at River Bottom Bar & Grill in Florence. A good time was had by all!