Native American Flute Circle

Carol Lawrence

The first meeting of our Flute Circle was a huge success with seven people attending. Of those seven, three had no previous experience playing the NAF (Native American Flute). It was especially exciting and gratifying to share in their introduction to this fascinating, ancient instrument.

Though each of us is on an individual musical journey and we may not all have the same end goals in mind, we find that we can all benefit from the encouragement and support of the group.

We encourage spontaneous, improvisational playing as well as playing with partners. We promote the idea that the one component necessary to all our playing is fun. We don’t want members of our circle to feel the stress that accompanies an obligation to practice a set amount of time each day. When playing ceases to be fun or to add joy to our day, we are urged to set our flutes aside and return to them when we feel more like playing.

Flutes are one of the oldest instruments, and they’re found all over the world. Throughout time they’ve been involved in our celebrations and rituals. Maybe that’s why so many of us seem to be drawn to their haunting melodies.

If you don’t already own a NAF or have no experience playing one, we recommend that you call us at 480-734-1435 to schedule a time for you to come try one of our flutes before the next circle meets.

We strongly urge anyone evenly remotely interested to come join us for an afternoon of fun and encouragement. Our next circle will be held on Tuesday, January 19, at 2:00 p.m. at the Lawrence’s house located at 32119 S. Hancock Drive.