New Captions


Kim Herrmann and Nick Catgenova – Moved from Quail Creek AZ.  Closed May 2023.  They purchased a resale in Unit 9A on Hackberry Lane.  Previously lived in Maui, Dana Point.   They found the Ranch a friendlier community.   They have two pets.


Marjorie and John Wurster – moved from Evergreen, Colorado, closing in May 2023 on Shale in Unit 14A.  The community and the amenities.  They are reversed snowbirds, as they like to go back to Colorado to ski in the winter.  They like golf, hiking, skiing, biking, and the family.

Annette and mark Cieslak – moved from Michigan.  Closed in mid-April in Unit 6 on Arroyo Bello.  The weather is better in AZ, friendly residents, and amenities.  They enjoy pickleball and golf.  

Nancy and Al Jarvis – moved from Oro Valley AZ but before that, Black Diamond, Washington.  They closed in early May.  Climate, amenities, and more garage space attracted them to the Ranch. They live in Unit 4A on Egret Trail. Al likes working on old cars and welding.  Nancy likes fused glass, sewing and gardening.  They have one cat.  

Laura and Jerry Renaud – moved from Eagle Colorado but also lived in Saudi Arabia for 20 years as well as in Atlanta.  They live in Unit 4A on Egret Trail. They enjoy the Ranch amenities like golf and pickleball as well as the climate and friendly community. You will see them out walking their chocolate lab named “Kobe”.

Nancy and Carl Wesely – moved to the Ranch in January 2023 from Thousand Oaks California but have also lived in Batton Rouge LA, Tacoma WA and Washington DC.  They live on Cattle Trail in Unit 6.  They love all the activities and enjoy all the friendly residents.

9 John and Lisa Atwell – moved from Savannah GA but also lived in Texas, Indiana, New Jersey, and Wyoming.   They closed in mid-April on Ankole Drive in Unit 4B.  Their daughter moved to Tucson, so they wanted to be closer to her.  After vacationing in the west, and finding SaddleBrooke Ranch, they knew this was the place for them.   They are enjoying their new home, love hiking, gardening, bible study, book club, and walking the nature trail.

7 Ken and Candyce Warren – moved from Antioch California but have also lived in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Maryland.  Closing on their new home in mid-May, they live on Flagstone Lane in Unit 18C.  The beauty of the area and the community brought them to the Ranch as well as the price, amenities and can’t forget the weather.  Watch for them with their Yorkie.  Candyce is a retired RN and loves scrapbooking, photography, reading, and light exercise; while Ken is a retired civil engineer that loves to fix things as well as doing carpentry work.

8 Todd Manary and Terri Riedel-Manary – moved from Denver Colorado as well as lived in Illinois.  They closed in mid-March, living on Arroyo Bello Drive in Unit 6.   Like many newcomers, the location and activities were the big plus to move to the Ranch.   They love riding motorcycles and playing pickleball.

PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN BY Newcomer Welcome Volunteer, Lola Hess