New Community Organization: Fellowship for Social Justice

Leslie Fore

Area residents have created a fellowship to support each other as we conduct our lives modeling and promoting equity, fairness, respect, and seamless community among a diverse people. The Fellowship for Social Justice recognizes that embracing a diverse community strengthens humanity, enriches culture, enhances faith, and inspires harmony.

In doing so, we recognize, honor, and protect difference while we fight against the inherent prejudices and biases that are cultivated through ignorance and fear. We seek to confront social and human injustices which dehumanize our sisters and brothers. We also serve as defenders of creation and guardians against its exploitation.

The first step in making change is education. The fellowship has plans for presentations to help those seeking understanding of various social justice issues. We invite the public to join us in discussions and to share perspectives on issues concerning racial justice, the LGBTQ community, and environmental concerns. Please watch for future articles, noting specific dates, locations, and times of our forums. For additional information, email [email protected] or phone 520-329-4915.