Newcomers Are Welcomed Virtually

Linda Shannon-Hills and Linda Harvey

The Newcomers Program would like to welcome our new residents that closed in November and December of 2020. Due to the pandemic, our Newcomers Welcome has not been able to hold face-to-face gatherings. Rather we are meeting via Zoom.

While some of the people listed here have had their photos taken, we hope to include the others in the weeks to come.

Please give a warm welcome to your new neighbors who have recently joined the SaddleBrooke Ranch community.

Contact Linda Shannon-Hills at [email protected] if you did not receive an invitation for the webinars.

Unit 1: Robert and Carole Ortega

Unit 2: George and Melody Van Ess

Unit 3: William and Toni Schwab

Unit 6: Clarence and Judy Hindman

Unit 9: Gail and Robert Jamin; Ronald and Marilyn Erdei; and John and Eileen Langholff

Unit 10: Ingrid and Michael McManus; Steven and Frances Aggers; Richard and Sandra Inglefield; and David and Linda Daubers

Unit 17: Deana Collins; David and Sindee Krause; Gary and Patricia Minard; Gail Cowen; Robert and Susan Delehanty; Bruce and Alison Haney; Nancy Lindsley; Michael and Donna Webber; William and Victoria Schlaupitz; Edward and Karen Monahan; Robert and Cheryl Cobb; and Carl and Myriam Barthole

Unit 109: Ronald Dahmen

Unit 16A: Craig and Donna Hill

Unit 16B: Maria Astaire*

Unit 16C: Timothy and Susan Wulff and Kenneth and Karen Sanders

Unit 46B: Mike and Loretta Gresham

Unit 4A: William Wells* and Jeffery and Mary Muckey

Unit 4B: Michael and Sherry Smith; Michael and Susan Schuster; and Charles Harder and Sheryl Eilenfeldt


Unit 14A: Neal Drell; Lawrence and Edna Breving

Unit 14B: John and Judy Scott; Suzanne Toms; John and Sherida Sowerby; William and Barbara Vegter; Don and Lynne Cusey; Michael and Janice Close; Jean McColman; and Thomas and Barbara Wallis