Oracle School District – December 2014

Thank you from the Oracle School District

Dennis Blauser, Superintendent of the Oracle School District

For those that don’t know, the Oracle School District is a very small district with an enrollment of a little less than 500 students. The district does not have its own high school but does have around 250 high school students that are bussed by the Oracle School District to either Canyon Del Oro high school or San Manuel high school. As small as the District is enrollment wise, it is quite large geographically, encompassing 314 square miles.

This past election the Oracle School District asked its residents to vote to renew an existing budget override so the district can continue to offer physical education, reinstate the music program, keep class sizes reasonably small and offer a competitive teacher salary. The communities of Oracle, SaddleBrooke and Eagle Crest make up most of the population of the District. The override renewal passed by over five percent and won in all three communities! The override would not have been successful without the massive support from several key people from each community. In fact, last year the first attempt to renew the override failed by a mere 52 votes. The turnaround just one year later is astounding.

The District accomplished this by utilizing every legal avenue available to reach out to the various communities to help them understand the importance of this local taxpayer assistance. A key factor was the establishment of an ambitious political action committee that raised money and campaigned on behalf of the District. The District has also worked very hard to build a positive partnership with both SaddleBrooke and SaddleBrooke Ranch. Moving forward and working together to build a strong local school system will only help contribute to positive growth and prosperity for our beautiful communities. Thank you for your support and willingness to take the time to understand this important issue.