Oracle Schools Foundation – April 2024

An Opportunity to Help and Enjoy a Fun Event

Photo by Tiffani Webster, Mountain Vista School Staff

D. Pedota and D. Farland, President and Vice President of Oracle Schools Foundation

On March 10, the Oracle Schools Foundation held their annual Gala banquet and various Auctions. We had 270 people in attendance.

One of the main fundraising goals of the Gala is to pay for pre-K education (which is not paid for in the state of Arizona). This helps children gain basic reading and math skills prior to attending kindergarten, which helps them be better students with a penchant for learning.

You can help by donating to the taxdeductible 501(c)(3) organization or by purchasing an “experience” by visiting their website to look at unique fixedprice events such as house concerts, cocktail parties, cooking classes, and other fun events right in your backyard. You will be joined by other fellow Ranchers and SaddleBrooke neighbors. Please peek at the website: The community and children appreciate your support.

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected] or [email protected].

Wine Lovers, This One’s for You!

David Mills

Ann Vernon

The last of the 2023 Oracle Schools Foundation fixed-price events was recently hosted by Fran Regdos and Richard Wemhoff and assisted by Hacienda Del Sol Sommelier, David Mills. What an incredible event this was! Twelve guests were treated to a seven-course small-plate dinner with wine pairings, showcasing both Old and New World wines. The evening started with an Old World French champagne, which was served with salmon canapés with caviar topping. As guests devoured the starter, David talked a bit about the difference between various types of champagne and what was unique about this one. After sipping and savoring, we moved on to the first course, a New World Washington State wine, The Walls Lip Stinger. This delicious crisp wine was paired with the first course, Crab Louie. Once again, David educated us about this wine and gave us ample pours. The next course was an Old World wine from Germany, which was accompanied by a bite of German sausage and a piece of pretzel. Moving back to New World wines, the third course included sweet Chile drumsticks and a Casas Del Bosque Sauvignon Blanc from Chile.

David regaled us with great stories as we moved through the other courses: an Old World wine from Italy, paired with an Italian cheese board, a New World Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz from Australia served with lamb lollipops, and an Old World Spanish wine, which was paired with a meatball tapenade. We ended the evening with chocolate and cheeses and sipped on a Michael David Lust Lodi Californian wine. What an evening! The hosts outdid themselves and we guests savored every bite of the delicious food. Not only did we enjoy drinking the wines, but we also learned a lot about them from David. It was a stellar evening, thanks to the three wonderful hosts.

Twenty-four fixed-price events were introduced at the March 10 Oracle Schools Foundation Spring Gala and auction: house concerts/appetizer parties featuring Eric Schaffer, Sean Lewis, Randall Dighton, Dan Bergquist, Chuck Moses, and J.D. Loveland; theme dinners (Jewish, Hungarian, and Italian); an African Safari night; a bread making class; a brats and beer party with beer tastings by Barrio Brewery; a wine tasting/appetizer party featuring handcrafted wine; a Mexican dinner at Rancheros with artist Gerardo Meza; a “Saddle Up Social” event at the tennis pavilion; an Irish Whisky Ceiliuradh (Celebration); a stargazing party; and two holiday parties. Events that don’t sell out will be posted on the website,, where you can read detailed descriptions, sign up, and pay a fixed price. Every event promises to be top-notch and very enjoyable, and we appreciate all of the SaddleBrooke and Ranch residents who are hosting. The money raised supports kindergarten prep and other educational programs at the Mountain Vista School in Oracle.