Our Precious Pets—To Board or Not to Board?

If you are planning to travel, leaving your fur babies can be daunting. As much as it hurts to leave them, sometimes hiring a pet sitter is the best thing to do. Pets are very sensitive to what is going on around them. When they see the suitcases come out, they know that someone is going away.

Boarding your cat or dog is always an option, however it is beneficial to keep them in their own familiar surroundings. It can be stressful for them to stay somewhere they are unfamiliar with.

Why home pet care is better than boarding:

* Less stress for your pet

* Reduced risk of injury or illness

* No extra vaccinations needed

* Potty breaks and feeding times stay close to or at their regular times

* Being in their familiar environment reduces their stress level

* Their trauma of being transported and your inconvenience of dropping off and picking up are eliminated

* No worries about boarding facility conditions, care, and staff

* No need to impose on a friend, neighbor, or relative who may forget to take care of your pet in case of an emergency, or if they have other personal commitments

* The sole job of a professional pet sitter job is taking care of your pet and giving you (and your pet) the best possible service

* Daily activities such as gathering mail and changing lights can make your home more secure and prevent crime

* Your furry family member is waiting for you when you come home

Did you know that there are pet sitters living at SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR)? Desert Pet Crew began 23 years ago at SaddleBrooke and for the last five years, several SBR residents have joined “the crew.” The crew at SBR includes: Zenia Fera, Sandy Keelin, Noelle Russow, Kim Schweitzer, Karen Walser, and Pam Whims. We are all insured and bonded.

If you demand the finest care for your precious pets, contact www.desertpetcrew.com.