Paper Crafters Donate Custom Items

Jan Knapp and Diana Posada

Barb Warnell

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Paper Crafters were asked by the SBR Women’s Club to donate custom items to their auction for the Oracle Schools Foundation. Creative members Jan Knapp, Diana Posada, and Barb Warnell were happy to pitch in for this worthy cause. The items donated were auctioned at the Women’s Club luncheon in January. The Paper Crafters donated three items: A custom paper floral decoration, a set of eight golf-themed greeting cards, and a set of eight floral-themed greeting cards. All of the items were sold to lucky winners at the auction. All proceeds will benefit the Oracle Schools Foundation.

The SBR Paper Crafters sell beautiful handmade greeting cards for all occasions. There’s no need for you to leave our community for cards. Cards can be purchased in the Fine Arts Room in the Creative Arts and Technology Center on Mondays between 1 and 4 p.m. Stop by to see our large assortment of handmade cards. Most cards are $4.