Partners Western Dance Activities – summer 2018

Jane Gromelski, Partners Western Dance Club President

Partners Western Dance Club will continue dancing in the summer months in the MountainView Ballroom on Mondays at 6:00 p.m. The practices will start in May and run through September. These are not classes but informal practices. Harry and Dottie Adams have volunteered to provide music and will organize the practices so we don’t forget all the dances we have learned. As Harry says, “It’s 100 degrees outside and air conditioned in the Ballroom” come have fun dancing. They will go over many of our Partner Pattern dances. Since they volunteer, the schedule depends on their availability. Email me (see below) to get on the summer email list. Or email Dottie at [email protected].

Harry and Dottie will also host monthly informal Dine and Dance Thursdays at SaddleBrooke One, in the Vermilion Room. Thursday is the special burger night so reservations may be necessary. Dottie and Harry will choose dates when they are available and DJ for these dance opportunities. It is not necessary to be a club member for either the Monday practices or the Thursday Dine and Dance. Everyone is welcome.

In mid-October Jane and Stan Gromelski, SaddleBrooke residents, will offer Beginner and Intermediate Texas 2-Step and Western Waltz dance classes on Wednesdays starting at 6:00 p.m. Classes will begin on October 17. They will run for five weeks and tuition is $40 per couple.

We try to make classes relaxed and fun; it is easier to learn when you are having fun and we dance because it is fun!

On Thursdays, we will continue to offer Beginners Partner Pattern dance classes at 6:00 p.m. and Intermediate classes will start at 7:00 p.m. These Partner Pattern dances offer a change of pace for our dancers. Some are easy, others more complicated but they are all part of the challenge and fun of Western dance. These classes are $4 per person, per class.

The Partners Western Dance Club has Saturday dances scheduled with the band Wild Ride on November 3, December 8 and December 30. Club membership is $15 per person and open to all SaddleBrooke residents. We will also have open dances on the third Thursday of October and December in the Vermilion Room of the SaddleBrooke Clubhouse. Volunteer DJs will provide the music. Be prepared for a number of ground pounding, boot stomping, dance opportunities. Yee haw!

Grab your partner, some friends and come join the growing number of Western dancers here in SaddleBrooke.

For information email [email protected] or visit the club website