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Featured in PetWise

Featured in PetWise

Linda Gorman

As a board member of the SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network, I enjoyed meeting and greeting other pet lovers like myself that care and want to help the local shelters and people who have pet-related needs. I realized that most of my time and effort went to other communities outside of SaddleBrooke Ranch and not serving the needs of my own community. So I developed a way for all pet lovers here at the Ranch to be informed and entertained about all-things pets. PetWise was born.

I have several reporters that keep us up-to-date on all the pet related happenings in the area and provide wonderful articles that are informative and timely. Arlene Wong, our reporter for Health and Nutrition, recently wrote an article about “Springtime Allergies: How They Can Affect Your Pets.” Florence Messer, our reporter for Grooming, wrote “Eight Tips to Choosing a Groomer.” Kay Lantow, our reporter for Safety, wrote an article on “Pet Tech: Reviewed by a Dog.”

One of our newest additions to PetWise is “Spotlight.” Once a month I choose an SBR pet loving family, and I send them a questionnaire about their pet. I take the information to write a short story through the eyes of the cat or dog. The very first spotlight I did was of Bailey, “I Live in Happy Land.” See these stories and more (Video Humor!) at the website.

I encourage you to please let me know if you would like your pet spotlighted in PetWise. If so I will send you a questionnaire. Please also let me know if you are interested in joining our PetWise family of reporters. It is fun, and I am always open to new ways to serve our SaddleBrooke Ranch pets and their families.